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This year’s Andicom ICT congress in August will focus on digital transformation and how companies can reinvent themselves to become even more competitive in the future.
The tagline of Andicom 2017, “Reinventing Yourself: The Transformation Is Now,” reflects the theme of the event, which is organized by Bogotá-based CINTEL (Center for Research and Development in Information Technology and Communications) and will be held in the Cartagena Convention Center from August 23-25.
“For CINTEL, it is important that every sector includes ICT and can reinvent themselves to be more competitive,” said Manuel Martínez Niño, executive director of CINTEL.
The Andicom 2017 launch event in Bogotá announced this year’s program, which will be headlined by Colombia ITC Minister David Luna. (Credit: Jared Wade)
The Andicom 2017 pre-event ceremony in Bogotá this month highlighted this year’s digital transformation-focused program, which will be headlined by Colombia ITC Minister David Luna. (Credit: Jared Wade)
Keynote speakers — including Colombia’s Minister of Information Technology and Communications David Luna, former head of Kenya’s ICT strategy Bitange Ndemo, and Travelocity Founder Terry Jones — will lead the way in providing invaluable real-world perspectives on how they were able to create major change within their organizations.
Others who will give presentations include: David Rogers, global strategist in digital transformation and author of the bestseller The Digital Transformation Playbook; Mitch Lowe, CEO of MoviePass and a Netflix co-founder; John Howkins, author of The Creative Economy; and Marina Díaz Ibarra, a strategist and former general manager of Mercado Libre.
Through these presentations, on top of many academic sessions, case studies, and networking opportunities, CINTEL is attempting to show attendees how to determine which digital technologies can boost innovation, how to operate within an economy that is undergoing major evolution, and how to establish a more productive internal ecosystem in their organization for transformation.
The event will also include four targeted initiatives under the overall theme: Social ICT, IT Clusters 4.0, Tourism and ICT, and the PwC-CINTEL Business Digital Transformation Award presentation.
Overall, CINTEL lists the following key facts about Andicom 2017:
More than 900 participating organizations
More than 2,800 participants from more than 25 countries
7 out of 10 attendees are buyers from the private sector, government, and telcos
More than 120 exhibition areas
More than 50 academic sessions
More than 30 business tracks
More than 40 success stories
The PwC-CINTEL Business Digital Disruption Award will be handed out for the first time this year. The two awarding organizations are aiming to honor Colombian companies that have made significant and tangible changes in terms of improving their digital capabilities and transforming their initiatives, projects, and overall organization.
The application process will remain open through July 31, and the awards will be presented to the winners on August 25 in Cartagena during Andicom 2017.